Have you met you lately?

You’ve heard the saying that the only thing that’s constant is CHANGE. We can’t control change, but as I always used to say: “The only thing you can reasonably expect to be able to change is yourself”. Have you met you lately? If not, make a date with yourself, and take the time to behold and appreciate the awesomeness that is already you...THE CREATIVE YOU!!

How do you engage with the many facets of your life?  How do you engage with the people in it? Family, friends, business connections, acquaintances? How do you engage with your interests and things you enjoy doing? Or your individual skills, knowledge, abilities, aptitudes and personal values you hold dear? How do you engage life as you; the quintessential, creative you?

The creative you is your best friend and ally; like a person who is always there to help you be your best self and to reach your full potential.  Acknowledging, nurturing and exploring the creative you is a life-long adventure. Life can be hard, it can be challenging, but also full of joy and accomplishment. Navigating life’s path is truly more fun and meaningful when you give the creative you, your conscious attention and energy.

So, how are you doing engaging the creative you with conscious thought, time and energy? Are you waking each day eager to find experiences that serve and honour the creative you? If so, you’re already creating a road map for life success. When you follow your heart and focus on the journey, you are in very good company. You’re with the creative you.

Challenge your thinking! Re-do your doing! These are the most important steps in letting you be you...the creative you! Now, go ahead. Make it happen. Take a dip in Lake You, swim in your private lagoon of creativity here at Creation Oasis.

You Be You.

Be Creative, and Be Well!